SmoothShapes XV Petite

Non-Invasive Body shaping just got SMALLER

SmoothShapes XV is now available with two handpieces. The new Petite handpiece is approximately half the weight of the XV handpiece but packs a powerful punch with 42% more power density than the original XV handpiece.

Optimize treatment time by utilizing the appropriate handpiece for your selected treatment area. The XV handpiece is ideal for treatment of problematic cellulite areas such as thighs or abdomens. Complementary to the XV, Petite now allows for treatment of the whole body with matched clinical efficacy. Petite is specifically designed for cellulite reduction and contour improvement in smaller sized patients and those delicate, hard to treat areas, such as the knees, arms, bra bulge, and calves.

Petite-areas-to-treat web

Petite clinical studies document results and clinical efficacy that match those of the SmoothShapes XV handpiece.

85% of Petite patients report smooth skin 1 month post series of treatments.*

Baseline web 3-Mo-Post-Tx web

Treatment of the whole patient, shoulders to calves and the areas in between

Increased power, decreased weight
Enhanced ergonomics for treatment
Improved suction adjustment feature
Increased comfort for patients and clinicians alike

* Saluja, Raminder MD and Dumais, Bonnie RN Use of SmoothShapes® XV Petite Handpiece for Cellulite and Contour Irregularity Reduction: Safety and Efficacy of the Treatment, study sponsored by Cynosure, Inc.


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