Look at the vast range of manicures we offer:

If you are new to receiving manicures, you might want to start with the Basic or Classic manicure. Our nail technician will gently treat and massage your hands before you decide on colour and nail length. A nice top coat finishes off for a polished look.

For a healthy, vibrant look that is perfect for all occasions, why not try the ever-classic French manicure. It begins with a clear, pale pink or beige polish that is applied over the entire nail, followed by white polish on the tips. Voilà!

Like a trip to the South: our Paraffin-Paradise manicure is a must for dry,over-worked hands! The paraffin wax first infuses the skin with moisture which is then followed by a stimulating hand massage and basic manicure. Chic and beneficial!

Not to be confused with gel, the Shellac manicure we offer is simply a type of polish that adds strength and durability to your nails. You can also ask for the ever-classic French manicure to be done in Shellac. It has the added advantage of reducing chipping and damage over the long term.

Finally, if you would like to extend the length of your nails,  we suggest you opt for our Gel Extension nails.They are durable, have a nice clear finish ready for painting in the colour of your choice and all without the strong odor of acrylic.

Start feeling fabulous about Youself! Love Yourself! Pamper Yourself!

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