SmoothShapes XV Cellulite Treatment

For whatever reason, you’ve packed on a few extra pounds and you’re not feeling so great about your appearance. You have tried those miracle cure-all creams that claim to cut back fat and lo-and-behold, no improvements. As for surgery, you’d rather avoid it.

Now could be the time to make a decision… which is safe, painless and has no downtime!

At Body Contours, we offer the latest technology by Cynosure:SmoothShapes. The SmoothShapes XV Cellulite Treatment is all the craze in the cosmetic industry. SmoothShapes XV System is an advanced technology AND affordable!

SmoothShapes XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of adipose tissue by treating enlarged fat cells that have become brittle or inflexible over time, providing results that patients will see and feel. Additionally, it treats the dimpling of fatty tissues by transforming collagen for tighter, firmer looking and feeling-skin. This technology offers a safer and simpler way to treat cellulite all the while achieving long-lasting results.

While SmoothShapes does neither promise nor guarantee claims of weight loss, when performed along  with a healthy diet and regular active regime,  SmoothShapes System  will improve  cellulite reduction and bring on a  smoother, younger-looking skin.
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There is no recovery time from our treatments  because it does not use any blades or needles. You will have the impression that you have been through a very challenging workout after your first session. However,prior to treatment we ask that your skin  be free of oils, lotions, and tanning products. After having a couple of treatments per week for four weeks, the patient will be able to see changes on their bodies. After the treatments are done, your skin will feel firmer and more subtle all the while feeling smooth and toned. All this thanks to the increased collagen production activated by the heat from the laser and infrared light energy.

Although most people can undergo SmoothShapes, it isn’t for everybody. Expectant mothers  or those still breastfeeding  their children may not have the treatments. Since people  affected by some types of asthma or who have had congestive heart failure may encounter some complications due to the additional drainage from the lymph nodes, they neither are good candidates for  the treatments. Finally, people who have pacemakers, diabetes, severe skin conditions, herpes and cancer are not eligible to undergotreatments. For any other concerns you may have please discuss with your primary healthcare provider to see if Photomology of SmoothShapes therapy is right for you. Consultation before any  Smoothshapes treatment is a must.

SmoothShapes XV has created a scientific approach to cellulite treatments that practitioners and patients will trust for results.SmoothShapes XV treats the underlying causes of cellulite through a proprietary technology known as Photomology®   SmoothShapes uses 2-unique lasers: The 650 nm and the 915 nm laser. The 650 nm laser has been demonstrated to affect the porousness of the adipocyte (fat) cell membranes, allowing treated fat to make its  way into the opening space, evacuating the expressed fat and fluids into the lymphatic system. This change doesn’t harm the adipocytes. The 915 nm laser penetrates into tissue and is preferentially absorbed by lipids causing a thermal impact. The device’s vacuum component positions the skin for best laser and soft penetration.The temperature within the adipocyte is slightly elevated. The 915 nm laser is one amongst the four wavelengths known to be absorbed by lipids at a higher rate than water. Photomology also uses a specialized-vacuum combined with contoured mechanical rollers. The laser’s job is to penetrate into tissue and cause liquefaction of the fat cells beneath the skin, whereas the 650 nm laser amplifies  the permeability of adipose cell membranes by loosening the bond of fat molecules so that they will migrate from somatic cells to the extracellular fluid without destroying the surrounding fat cell membrane. The vacuum‘s role is to position the skin optimally for laser and painless penetration; whereas the mechanical roller-massage amplifies  the movement of the liquefied fat into the vascular system (which then will be removed by flushing the fat out of the body). The end result–tighter and smoother-looking skin. This  technology additionally stimulates natural metabolic processes to decrease underlying causes of fatty tissue, like edema and restore proper blood circulation.
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…So, start feeling fabulous about yourself at the Body Contours Beauty Centre!

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