Hair and Scalp Treatments

Haircuts and Hairstyles

Here’s what’s  happening in Hollywood coiffure (Haircuts and Hairstyles) nowadays: You might want to try a 1990’s layered-look; loose or crimped waves or curls are big; sleek or windswept strands and the newest rave—Bedroom hair.

A good tip for Shampoo and blow dry is to blow dry straight down from the centre. This will prevent flyaways.You can also try loose spiral curls like those seen on the Duchess Kate Middleton.

Minimal Hair Treatments like highlights and the classy ‘’ombré’’, where just only the bottom half of the head is lightened in colour  will be  popular in 2017.

Fine, thin or limp hair? Don’t despair! We have the Hair and Scalp treatment just for you! We infuse your hair with the product the beauty world is  all crazy about- Moroccan Argan Oil. It repairs, hydrates, smooths and volumizes your hair while making  it shiny and healthy.We also carry the same product but for unruly, damaged or frizzy hair.

…So, start feeling fabulous about yourself at the Body Contours Beauty Centre!

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